Face Photos: Except for those Random Yellow Flowers

blogger Hannah
Looks like I had enough photos just of myself that I could simply do a post with that, and of course random yellow flowers that found their way into the post. The first one with my looking in a weird direction was from my Animal Print Dress Collaboration.  I was told it was cute but truthfully it isn't my favorite thing ever.  Next to that is a random one that I'm not sure how to explain. 

Below that is a photo of me puffing out my cheeks and wearing my classes. If my eyes weren't so squinty it wouldn't be half bad. Next to it is my Summer Lace Dress Look that turned out quite well even if I did look a little fat in the dress. 

Below that is an older photo of me wearing that dress as as sweatshirt  I think the look didn't turn out too bad but this photo sure did and I ended up moving to a different spot to take the ones that were on my blog. 

Even though I know it isn't a particularly good photo I think this one from when I did my Simple White T-shirt look turned out pretty well. Especially considering how my face looked in the other ones thanks to all that squinting that aways looks bad. Last is what I think is the prettiest current photo of me.

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