Face Photos: B&W Mostly School Selfies

selfies and b&w
So here's a photo dump from my phone of all the photos I've been taking of myself lately, which is a lot. As I'm sure a lot of other girls my age do the same thing as I do which is get out your phone and use it as a mirror, and since it's already up I like to take pictures. 

The vast majority of these are from when I'm sitting in school, since I get there so early, and I'm trying to do my school work but I get bored of it. A few as you can see had my friend who drives me to school sort of in the photos making them kind of funny. There is even one where I took his sunglasses, remember the last time I wore those aviators.

The last photo is of one that I took when I had to do that active babysitting  and it was before I went.  I was having trouble with the right lighting so I wanted to see what it looked like through the mirror.  

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