Eating at Taste of China Chinese Restaurant

drinks at taste of china
So I went to eat at the Taste of China a small Chinese Restaurant that's in a strip mall, kind of like My Thai Place . This isn't my first time going there, but it has been awhile so I can't compare my latest trip to my most current one. When you walk in it's a very small place with five tables and near the front is where you order. There are menus on the counter and pictures on the wall in back of the counter which is quite helpful. I did think it was kind of odd though that the drinks were in a glass front refrigerator and we had to get them ourselves. They seemed to be about the same price as I'd expect from a vending machine, although I wasn't all that happy with the selection. 
chicken and snow pea dinner
I ordered a large chicken and snow pea dinner, thinking that I'd then have enough for lunch the next day, but I didn't realize how large it was and knew that I wouldn't be able to each very much of it before getting full. As far as how it tasted, it was fantastic. I also tried some of my friend's and theirs was just as good (fried rice and pork). 
plate of white rice
Along with my large plate of snow peas and chicken also came a plate of white rice. I'm not sure that white rice is something that is easy to mess up but I do know that this white rice was great. I ate it by mixing it with my chicken and snow peas since it had a little sauce in it.
eating with a plastic fork
As good as my meal was, I do have two complaints, first there weren't any clean tables, they weren't really dirty just eaten on kind of dirty, so they just needed wiped off with a washcloth or something. The second complaint is that we were given plastic forks. The plates were real so I'm not sure why the forks wouldn't have been  too. Since I wan't eating a soft food, it was actually hard to eat with the flimsy plastic utensil. 
takeout food box
With so much left over food, I had plenty for my lunch and it was just as good the next day. Overall I would say that eating at Taste of China isn't all that great because of the unclean table and plastic forks but the food is really good so getting takeout is a great idea. 

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