Dinner and a Drive in Movie

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 So tonight I went on my first date with that kid who I ride to school with and I have to admit it was the first "date" that I had been on for quite awhile. Since it was just a movie and dinner, and I've known the guy since we had a ton of classes together last semester and we went out to lunch all three days I had class this week I wasn't too nervous about it. I did have a little trouble deciding on my outfit though, because as it turns out I only have a few pairs of shorts that actually fit me anymore, and none were date appropriate. So I ended up going with that ruffled skirt my mother made and a white high low Abercrombie top . For my hair I just curled it using a large barrel curling iron, and wore hydroxatone bb cream as my only make up.

Of course since I'm terrible at planning out how long it takes me to get ready, anded ended up done an hour before I thought I would be. So I was sitting there bored. Worst than that I had to wait an extra half an hour because my date was running late, due both to work and having to get stuff ready. Poor guy then had to meet my dad, and then wait until my mother got home to meet her. Luckily all three of my pet siblings were there for entertainment while we waited.

mark pi's dinner food

rice at mark pi's
For dinner, we went to Mark Pi's a Chinese restaurant kind of close to where I live. He had asked me if I wanted Chinese or Italian food to eat the day before, when we were planning what to do, and since I had Italian that night for dinner I went with the Chinese, that and I knew he was a big fan of Chinese. For my dinner I had Sesame Chicken and white rice. I knew upon seeing the food that it would be too much for me to eat but I tried my best. I was surprised though at how much I liked my chicken, I tried some of what he ordered, and it was a little too Chinese for me. Unfortunately as I had predicted while seeing my food, I had to get a doggy bag, but so did he so that's okay. Since we had time before the movie started we went to a local park and played around. I didn't get any pictures of that though because I left my phone in the car. Basically just walking on a trail, and over a bridge and writing with sidewalk chalk someone had left there.
in car with radio
 Then we went to the movie theater. I'm sure some of you are shaking your head at the fact that I went to a drive in movie on my first date but it isn't like that! For one, I've been trying to get someone, anyone to go with me to one since high school and also regular movies are just awful for a date, you can't talk at all so you're sitting in silence for three hours with someone you should be trying to get to know. Even though he brought chairs, I guess thinking I might not want to sit THAT close to him, I of course opted for the trunk of the SUV, which I'm sure he was hoping for. He had brought blankets and pillows as well as different kinds of candies and snacks, and three different drinks for me.
not dark at drive in
Although the movie was supposed to start at 9, as you can see by my picture it's still light out, so it ended  up started half an hour later. We were lucky and ended up having no one in the that spot in front of us that you see. It was kind of funny because they had this sad story about buying food, because drive in theaters are going away and we need to support them, they might as well just ask for donations. ANYWAYS the movie was X-Men of Future Past, and I really liked it, of course though I don't think I've seen an X-Men movie that I didn't like. It was a double feature but since the first movie ended around midnight we didn't stay for the second one. 

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