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When I'm going to school or just running errands I'd love to tell you that I get all dressed up wearing a nice skirt or dress, and getting all done up but really, my go to outfit is a pair of jeans and a nicer top. Jeans are just so easy to pair with anything, comfortable, and don't have any of the downfalls that skirts and dresses do (especially on windy days). I like to think that as long as I have a nicer top I still look presentable, but when I'm wanting to look a little bit more put together I trade in my normal blue jeans for a colored pair. This is a fashion collaboration with Adrienne from Citizen of the World so you'll not only be seeing how I style color jeans, but also a look at how she wears them.

To go with the red skinny jeans, I wanted a neutral top, so I decided on this lace peplum one that I bought from Marshall's. I love both the lace and the buttons, both of which make my outfit feel more feminine. To go with my cream colored top, I thought a gold necklace would be perfect. Probably the most interesting part of my outfit are these American flag shoes. I just did a patriotic How to outfit, because I was so excited to share them. The americana feel they bring to my outfit is perfect for summer.

Hanna Lei america shoes

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Fashion with Citizen of the World
Be sure to check out the rest of Adrienne's look on her blog

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