Cleaning my Closet and Drawers

picture of closet messy
 So... My closet was a mess. It seems like the more stressed I am the worse my room starts to look, and then when people come over I just put all of the stuff (mostly clothes) that were hanging around my room directly into my closet to hide. Another way that my closet ends up looking like this is because in the mornings, I can never decide what to wear, and I'm pull things off the hanger try them on and realize that isn't what I want to wear so there ends up being a pile of rejects on the ground since I'm rushing to get ready and get to class. 
drawers getting organized
Another thing that kind of gets pushed to the side when I'm stressed out is the drawers in my armoire. I tend to just kind of shove things in there, sometimes even clothes that should really be hung up, which take up a whole bunch of room. Since I had organized this before I didn't have to completely dump out the drawers but I did have to pick a bunch of things out. Since there was so much reorganization to do I decided  that I should take all the drawers out and do it that way. Since I have a wood flood that I don't want to scratch up I put a blanket down under the drawers. 
small closet organization
 Here's the closet all clean. Since everything was either shoes or clothes I didn't have to do much to clean up. Well I did have a box of things I've been meaning to get rid of, and I looked through the things and got rid of what I didn't like and decided I might as well keep what I do like. As you can see there is still somethings sitting on the floor because I have no idea what to do with these things. Cookbooks and hope chest things. I don't mind the hope chest things but with all the information online the cookbooks are kind of unneeded. 
bras and panties in drawer
The exciting part! How I organized all those drawers. For the top one, these are in the order they'll be put back in my armoire, is my bras on one side all put against each other, and then in front of them the few tights (that aren't running tights) that I own. Panties are in the middle, and at the end are my swimsuits. The next drawer has my fashion leggings on the far right, below the makeup case and then outer tank tops (I debated if I should hang them up instead), my elastic waist sleep shorts, and then all the under tanks that I wear most with shelf bras. In the bottom shelf all my t-shirts live. I found that the easiest way to store them was rolled up .

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