Car Ride to School, Studying, Cool Sunglasses

Hanna Marie Lei
 Last week I mentioned I might not be driving myself to school much anymore, because I thought I had found a ride. Well, as it turns out that did work out, although I think it is pretty far out of my driver's way and they came and got me around 8:20 this morning. I'm absolutely terrible at planning out how long it takes me to get ready in the mornings so I got up at seven and about half an hour later realized I didn't have anything else to do with my time, so I tried to make my hair look all fancy. I personally love the big curls, but don't do them as much as the smaller version because they aren't quite as popular of a look on me. On the drive, the boy did actually talk to me, and I learned that in baseball, if you get hit by the ball when you're running bases (like by the batter) you're out. Two bad things at one time. Once we were at the school, I headed to the building the class was going to be in and started catching up on homework.
what to study
 I spent the next two hours doing this, and getting distracted by my phone, until my driver friend, showed up and told me that all of the answers were online worked out. I still have to figure out how to do them for the test, but at least I'll know if they're right or not, since the teacher is taking random homework problems as test questions. After some more time sitting at the very uncomfortable table I went to class, and for the first time saw who'd actually be teaching the class. Basically just an old russian woman with a thick accent who's a little crazy. The only problem I have with her, is that her 9's look like g's. The lesson wasn't hard at all for the day, and I'm not too worried about what was covered. Actually some of it was from physics. On the drive home, we decided we were hungry, it was 3 and neither of us had eaten so we went to Chick-Fil-A and ate. I desperately wanted to go on the indoor playground, but there was a height limit. It's probably better that way though because I might have ended up with pink eye. 
Hanna Marie Lei
Before we left I managed to take my driver's sunglasses, and take a few photos, unfortunately though this is the best photo I had. I took some that were not so close up to my face but they were all blurry so this is all i have to show. I'm sorry for the weird backwards peace sign, and the pimple on my forehead that I guess I'm just to lazy to photoshop out. When I came home I worked on math (my test is Wednesday) and then took my dog for a walk. Tomorrow, my day is going to be even more boring, because I plan on literally studying the whole time.

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