Book Review: The Reluctant Detective

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The Reluctant Detective
A Faith Morgan Mystery
By Martha Ockley

"Couldn't resist touching the body, eh?" Observed Ben. Faith was defiant. "I had to check for a pulse".

Faith Morgan may have quit the world of crime, but crime won't let her go. The ex-police woman has retrained as a priest, disillusioned with a tough police culture and convinced that she can do more good this way. But now her worlds collide. Searching for the first posting of her new career, she witnesses a sudden and shocking death in a quiet Hampshire village. And of all people, Detective Inspector Ben Shorter, fed former colleague and boyfriend shows up to investigate the crime. Persuaded to stay on in Little Worthy, she learns surprising details about the victim and starts to piece together a motive for his death. But is she now in danger herself? And what should she do about Ben? Then a further horrifying even deepens the mystery... 

Martha Ockley lives in the North East of England and has close links with the church, having grown up as the daughter of a minister. She is a full-time writer, of both fiction and nonfiction. 

I've read one of the books from the Faith Morgan Mystery Series of Martha Ockley's before, The Advent of Murder, so I was expecting The Reluctant Detective to be good, since I liked the previous book. Of course it is, I mean who doesn't love a murder mystery with a little romance drama and a strong female character. If you liked Seagrass Pier or A Match Made in Texas you'll want to read this book.

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