Book Review: Let Me Be Clear

Let Me Be Clear
Barack Obama's War on Millennials, and one Woman's Case for Hope
Katie Kieffer

Dear Barack Obama, 
Let me begin by borrowing one of your favorite phrases. Let me be clear: I am a young American and I am writing on behalf of my generation. We are the Millennial Generation and we are  95 million strong. I am writing to request accountability for victimizing us for your political gain. You promised us jobs, hope, and change. In the end, you followed through only on the "change." You duped Millennials into voting for you not once but twice and implemented unconstitutional decrees that robbed us of the opportunities that we deserve. We are the first generation of Americans to be financially worse off than our parents. Your puerile policies have rendered it nearly impossible for us to achieve the American Dream.  Your administration's lies and incompetence anger me on my own behalf and on behalf of my friends and our parents. You have done such extensive damage to my generation that I decided to share and expose our story. You are now accountable to us. I expect you to read this book; I believe you will find it quite eye-opening.
Kaite Kieffer

A searing indictment of the master of charm, Barack Obama, for his historic war on American youth. "Let me be clear" It was his come-hither call, his winsome whistle, his lingual lure. Barack Obama employed this phrase to sell his lies as maxims and his ineptitude as expertise. From JFK to Bill Clinton America has experienced charming and coy presidents. But the Most charming and coy is Obama, who seduced a generation of 95 million young Americans he used for his own politician gain. Kaite Kieffer is a gutsy commentator who gives it back to Barack. She turns his words against him. She grabs the high bar of transparency that Obama set for himself and snaps it with her wit. In Let Me Be Clear, Kieffer gives us an unflinching yet entertaining account of this administration's exploitations of Millennials: 

I have to say that although Kaite Kieffer uses a stronger language than I would in her book Let Me Be Clear, I'm a huge fan. She is the face of the young Republican. This book is entertaining from the beginning for example comparing Bill Clinton's scandal to Obama and the US's youth. For every offense that Obama has made, she gives clear evidence to what was wrong and what could have been done better, with plenty of foot notes for evidence. This book is well worth a read no matter what your generation. 

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