Book Review: Ex-Muslim

how one daring prayer to jesus changed a life forever
How One Daring Prayer to Jesus Changed a Life Forever
By Naeem Fazal

"If what you say about Jesus is true... why doesn't he come down and reveal himself to me personally? Right now. Come on down!" "He'll do it, Naeem," my brother replied. "If you just ask him to, he'll do it. It might not be tonight, but he will" Three nights later, he did. 

Jesus revealed himself to a young, brash, Pakistani Muslim.  But he didn't just reveal himself; he turned Naeem Fazal's world upside down. Moving from Juwait to Charleston, South Carolina, had been an adventure. Surrendering his life to Jesus Christ was actual treason. Yet Jesus brought Fazal the most powerful peace he had ever experienced: "It filled the room. It grew roots in my heart and in my soul. It intoxicated me" Whether you are a Muslim, Christian or neither, Ex-Muslim makes compelling case that life with Jesus Christ is a true adventure. 

Naeem Fazal, a Pakistani born and raised in a Muslim household in Kuwait came to the United States in 1992 and had a supernatural experience with Christ that changed the course of his life. In 206 he planted the Mosaic Church in Charlotte North Carolina. He is also the cofounder of Charlotte's citywide outreach initiative, What If Everyone. 

When I first saw, just the title, of Ex-Muslim I knew I had to have it. I'm very interested in understanding the perspective of people with different backgrounds so I knew I had to read this book. I love the store telling affect, and the personal writing by Naeem Fazal. If you like The Israel Solution or Out of the Depths you'll love this book.

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