Book Review: A Christian Survival Guide

A Christian Survival Guide
A Lifeline to Faith and Growth
By Ed Cyzewski

What enables some to survive as Christians when so many others falter? Without resorting to empty answers, cliches, relativism, or smug certainty, A Christian Survival Guide provides an accessible and sage place to deal with issues that can give Christians sleepless nights. By focusing on spiritual practices, discussing solutions to faith struggles, and offering perspectives from multiple Christian traditions, this survival guide moves readers into a thriving relationship with God, even if that means not necessarily finding all of the answers.

Ed Cyzewski is the author of Coffeehouse Theology and the coauthor of Unfollowers. Unlikey Lessons on Faith from Those Who Doubted Jesus and The Good News of Revelation. He is a freelance writer who has contributed to numerous magazines and book projects. He writes about imperfectly following Jesus. 

I have to say the topic of Christian Survival Guide isn't really my favorite. I mean, everyone struggles with their own individual problems, and I don't think it's fair to have a "right way of being Christian".  That said this book does have a huge amount amount of knowledge and has many scripture references. If you like The Christian Mama's Guide or Christian Faith in the Old Testament this book would interest you. 

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