Book Review: The Case for the Real Jesus

student edition of lee strobel book
The Case for the Real Jesus
Student Edition
By Lee Strobel

A Journalist Investigates Current Challenges to Christianity with Jan Vogel. Was Jesus just a good man who lived a long time ago? Or was he something more? Just about everyone you ask as an opinion about Jesus. Some believe he was the Son of God, while others question his existence altogheter. Some believe he lived but he was merely a good man. Today, scientists and other people are stating things that can make it difficult to know what to believe. So how can you know who the real Jesus was (and is!) - especially when so many people are working to prove him to be a fake or a fraud? That's what Lee Strobel wanted to know.

As a Former Journalist - and a former atheist - Lee went on an investigative journey to discover the real Jesus, one that took him across the continent and into the homes of today's most prominent experts on Christian history. He found all the evidence he needed to believe that Jesus is indeed the Risen Savior. Join Lee's investigation and discover the truth about Jesus for yourself. After you've seen all the evidence,  you'll know for certain who the real Jesus is and you'll be able to help others know him as well.

Lee Strobel was the award winning legal editor of The Chicago Tribune and is the bestselling author of the Case for Christ and The Case for a Creator. 

Jane Vogel a writer who has been involved in youth ministry for over twenty years wrote The Case for Christ Student Edition and The Case for Faith Student Edition with Lee Strobel. She lives with her husband, Steve, and their two children in Winfield Illinois. 

I have to say that this book is great for someone who's questioning their faith because that's the exact view The Case for the Real Jesus has. There are a multitude of small sections that are great for any Christian to read like "The Bible vs. The Quran. If you like When Donkeys Talk  or Treasures in the Dark, you'll want to give this spiritual finding book a read. 

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