Armed With Truth Temporary Tattoos

 Not very long ago, I was contacted by the people at Armed With Truth to try out some of their scripture based temporary tattoos. Of course I said yes, not only because wearing these is a great way to show off your faith, but also because who doesn't want to wear around a tattoo that they don't have to keep. I was very surpassed though when I got these three days after talking to the company, and impressed with how fast their shipping is. I was more impressed by the envelop that they came in, it's a refreshing break from the normal white rectangular kind.
Here's what was inside my brown square envelope. A ten pack of their change maker temporary tattoos.  They're very easy to apply simply peel off the clear front put where desired and rub the back with a very wet wash cloth. I didn't have any problem with some of the words not going to my skin or anything. And here's the final result. You might have seen this in my outfit purple hair, spiked shoes, and a tattoo.


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