Animal Print Dress With Classy Pam

Hanna Marie Lei Dress

I got this leopard print dress awhile back, and since its been so cold, its been sitting in my closet waiting for me to put it on.  Luckily though the weather warmed up just enough for me to wear it, but since it is a summer dress, I added in a hat, and in the last picture you can also see that I added a sweatshirt jacket that I brought along with me for the day in case it got cooler. If you were wanting to see more of a summer look for a printed dress this is your lucky day because this in collaboration with Classy Pam who's in Thailand, where it is warm enough for a real summer look.  

So about that dress. I saw it online for less than $10 from Ahaishopping and to tell the truth, although I wasn't completely sure that it would come, it was worth the risk, and a few weeks later it came it. Its very elastic and a little short so if you're on the taller side it might not work out.

 To go with the leopard print dress, I added a black belt that I've had forever in my closet. It helps create a waistline that the dress was kind of lacking. On my head is a simple black beanie that I think makes the outfit a little more put together. My favorite accessory that's a part of this outfit are the black leather UGG booties, that if you've been following me for awhile I'm sure you've seen a lot of. The optional piece for me in this look is the zip up jacket from Ralph Lauren, its very warm and comfortable, but I feel like it kind of makes the look frumpy. Its just too big.
animal print dress grudge

animal print dress blogger
Pam Wozniak
Be sure to check out Pam's look on her blog.

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