8 AM Tree Cutting, School Drive, Psych Movie

for down trees
This morning, I was woken up at 8 am, thanks to whoever my neighbors had to clean up their tree that fell down. Not only where they using a chainsaw but also a wood chipper, and of course my dog had to run up into my room and start barking at them, I tried for the next ten minutes to go back to sleep, hoping it wouldn't take them very long, but of course that didn't happen so I ended up just getting up and heading to school early. I have to say that without that tree there, its so weird, I've never seen those people's house from my yard.
pink and textbook
While at school, wearing my pink Abercrombie pants as you can see, I just sat around and studied. I worked on some of the homework, the teacher still isn't there yet, for the class. I'm not sure that it'll even be graded but I guess the practice isn't bad for me. When I went to class there were probably fifteen less people than there, which is quite a bit out of 60. During the class the substitute professor told us the whole class was really dumb, which he could say since he "isn't our real teacher". 
sell house
On my way home, I didn't make a wrong turn this time, I was driving down the road, and noticed that a house was for sale for $13,900 or best offer cash online. I'm not even sure what assumptions to make about the house but nothing good. Really though with that whole cash offer thing I think its a scam. About that drive though, I might not be doing it anymore. Lucky for me someone who goes to the same school as me is willing to take me so I don't have to do anymore driving! The guy is kind of quite so I think my ride will consist of techno kitten, I mean I had four classes with him last semester and never really had a conversation with him. He seems nice enough though.
cute cat picture
When I came home I wanted to take a nap since my sleep was cut short earlier, but I decided to do some house cleaning instead. Afterwards I went to dinner and had a Ruben sandwich, which wasn't quite as good as I thought it would be. I had planned on going to a local flea market to check it out but it was closed by the time I got there I watched one of those free movies, some physiology Sigmund Freud thing with Keira Knightly.

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