Zelo Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System

smoothing hair system
 So, as I'm sure you guys already know I have very curly, frizzy hair that's almost impossible to control. I can only brush it when I'm in the shower because if its dry and I try and brush it, not only is it very painful but I end up with a huge ball of frizz that I literally can't do a thing with, and have to wash my hair to get it back to normal. Flat ironing my hair doesn't last all day, even in perfect weather conditions. So when I was offered to review this Zelo Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System I was very excited to try it out. 
Action Keratin and Clarifying
 Inside the Zelo box were two different products. First the Zelo Clarifying, that I'd call a shampoo sort of deal. The bottle is two ounces, and has one of those push open and then squeeze out tops. I like that it has this since it is kind of a harsh product so you don't want it spilling out everywhere. Smell wise it reminds me a little of a makeup remover, and comes out in yellowish runny sort of texture. The other bottle contains the real product, the action keratin. It's also in a two ounce bottle, but has a spray top and smells very pleasant. 
keratin step by step pictures
 The first step is washing out your hair, twice with the Zelo Clarifying, and then towel drying it. After that is done you partition your hair into three or four sections, comb it out, and then start spraying the Keratin on your hair. Make sure of course not to get it in your eyes or on your skin, about a fourth of an inch away from your scalp is as close as you should get. When that's done you wait for 40-45 minutes. After waiting, you rise the keratin out of your hair and then use a blow dryer  to dry it (mine is an old 1250 Conair) and then set it with a flat iron (mine is a definition series flat iron)

Here's the finished look. I'm sorry that the picture quality isn't the greatest, but you can tell for sure that my hair is a whole lot smoother than it is in the picture where I'm spraying the keratin on it. The texture feels really nice too. There isn't any weird after smell, like I was worried about and its supposed to last for thirty washes

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