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Not really a yes or no answer for me, but really a story. When I first started blogging I didn't have any real editing software but I did the best I could with online things, drastically changing the lighting to "make myself look better" and adding a whole bunch of weird filters, after awhile of doing this I found out about GIMP free software that although not great would do what I wanted it to. Well… I had a whole lot of weirdly distorted pictures for a long time, and every time I go back and look at them I cringe. They were so terrible, some so bad in fact that I removed them from my blog posts and just left the words there (as you may no I'm a digital hoarder so doing this was a huge deal).

Luck for me, even though I didn't know it at the time, when I was given a macbook for christmas last year I could no longer use GIMP. For whatever reason the files wouldn't upload to Google Plus properly when I used GIMP for editing. I thought about buying adobe photoshop but saw the price and changed my mind.  I ended up finding a new editing software to use, one that would give me filters and change lighting as well as add makeup. On some of my posts I over did the makeup, making it look super fake, but for the most part it was a big improvement from my GIMP days. 

At the start of the new year I used this online editor less and less partially because I'm a little lazy, but mostly because I started having more confidence in my looks. So when I found out I could download Photoshop for free, thanks to my school not stealing int, I did but I don't use it much. Today is actually one of the rare days that I have used it and I wish I had the before picture to show you the difference, but being dumb I deleted it. I think I've improved a lot since my beginning though. 

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