That Math Game Program

Hanna Marie Lei
Although I've mentioned a terrible math game program that I had to do a few times, I never went into detail on it, and since we just received our grades, I figured now is the perfect time. So here's how it went. We were given a huge program to create a kid's math game, and three weeks to do it. There were grades 1-3 and different addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems based on the grade level they picked. They had to answer five questions, were timed which affected their points earned and then the program would give them a letter grade. I handed out parts to each of the member of my group asking for them by Saturday for the majority, and wanting that creepy engineering kid to give me his on Friday since it was the very beginning of the project and I wanted to get my part (the majority of it) done by the end of the weekend.

The day before I wanted the beginning of the program, I had class with that kid and made sure he'd be done with it by sometime on Friday, and he assured me that it would be. So about noon on Friday, while walking to the post office I sent him a message asking him if he had it done yet. He sent me back that it wasn't going to get done because "some people have to work for a living" and I was so angry that I didn't even respond. After I got home I started to working on the program, and after only spending half an hour on the part that was for that creepy engineering kid I was completely annoyed because he could have even done it on his lunch break. Not only that but I couldn't care less if he has to work, its not my problem.  I only care about my grade.

As it ended up, like many group projects do, my group of course didn't send me their work for Saturday, so I spent literally the whole weekend doing the whole project with only my father to help me, and it was a huge amount of work and we kind of struggled through it. By Sunday night though I had the whole thing done. Going into school I pretended I had nothing, planning on turning it in myself, when one of the kids in my group (who is kind of a loner) walked in and said he'd done the whole thing. Of course then I had to admit that I had mine done, so we spent an hour combining elements of the two and then had a finished program. It ended up being a perfect 100%

As it turned out one of the people in the group had tried to do their part, and has no idea what they were doing (it was a very simple task), the girl who I was surprised didn't turn anything was actually locked out of the school computers, a problem she's had off and on for no reason, and of course that creepy kid just didn't do his work. 

Now we're on to the next project and added a group member,  and I'm hoping this time around it isn't all going to be me doing a project all by myself again.

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