Snow in April, Donated Blood, Bicycle on Stairs

physics problems and car dashboard
 This is the second installment of what happened during the week, I'm not quite sure yet if I like these posts because I have no idea what to title them. That and, I end up skipping blogging days where I would normally just write about what happened at school, so this might be the last of these. On Monday I totally forgot the GPS I was given for my birthday  at home, but I managed not to stress too much on my drive. I forgot what the physics homework was, so I had to awkwardly go to my teacher's office and take a picture of it, then I took a picture of an equation later in class. I also went to my computer programing class but we ended up letting out 40 minutes early and if you add in he doesn't get there until a half hour has passed not much happened.
blood donated by person
 My Tuesday was a whole lot more eventful. To start with I went out to my car and it was covered in snow, very weird for central Indiana April 15, I honestly can't remember having snow anytime near as late as this was, it continued to snow too the whole day. I went to my anthropology class, and after that was done, I waited around a bit working on math and then went to donate blood on the blood bus. I was expecting to be extremely tired and lethargic afterwards but I easily did my graded math problems as well as paid attention in Calculus class, something that normally doesn't happen. I was thinking blood letting might be good for my brain, but as soon as I came home I was so ready to go to bed. I have been pretty proud of myself all week though for donating.
physics book picture
 On Wednesday, my physics lab day I headed into the library with just my math book so I could study calculus, and went to print off my lab. I then read the message saying we would have a quiz before the lab so I had to walk all the way (in the cold) back to my car to switch out books. When I was coming back I walked through the school yard and saw this rectangle painted in the grass and I have no clue what it could even be for. I spent the next three or four hours studying physics and then the teacher forgot to give us the quiz, and after class someone asked him and he's just giving us all 100%… I wish I would have spent that time on calculus. 
face of blogger Lei
 My Thursday started out like every other day, driving to school but once I got there I realized that I forgot my flashcards at home so I had to make all new ones waiting for my anthology class. Today we learned about common religions, like Christianity and had a discussion. At the end I had to talk to the professor because he marked me as a zero on one of the quizzes that I knew I took, and he fixed it for me. I took the above pictures for Picture of the Week but when I tried to send them to my friend it said message failure. When I sent a normal message though it went through, must be some weird data limit with sending messages overseas. 

While I was sitting and trying to study with my friends we got distracted by the nearby bicycle training for police officers going on. Today was going up and down the stairs. After taking my calculus test (it was terrible) I went home, and then to Walmart where I bought my cat a harness, my bird some food, and flowers. I was so surprised by how pretty all the flowers there looked.
flowers at walmart

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