Outfit: Oasap Polkadot Shirt

Hanna Blogger outfit
Its been awhile since I've done a fashion kind of outfit post with me in it, but what better way to get back into the grove of it than with this casual polkadot shirt outfit. Since I saw the shirt on the Oasap site I've been in love with it, and already planned out how I would style it for a What to Wear on a Casual First Date Outfit. When I saw it on sale for less than $20 I got it immediately, and since it came in yesterday afternoon, I figured I could wear it to school today. I'm very happy both with how it looks and the quality. My whole outfit it.

Bow Earrings - Christmas present Tiffany & Co
Pink Tank - Kohls Haul
Skinny Jeans - American Eagle
Sequin Boots - Oasap (old)
Polkadot Shirt - HERE on Oasap

Starting from the top, I wore my hair in its natural curly state because there is no way I'm getting up early for school to do something with it. I went with the Tiffany's bow earrings to make my outfit a little more feminine and more put together. The pink tank underneath my shirt adds a little more interest than a black one would, and is necessary since the shirt is thin. My jeans aren't anything special just an old skinny leg pair from American Eagle that are easy to pull out and wear. Finding shoes that I wanted to wear with my polkadot shirt was kind of hard to decide on but ultimately I went with my Oasap sequin boots since it was a little chilly out.

Now more about that polkadot shirt. Its fitted for a feminine figure and is cinched at the waist. In the back it is a little longer than the front, not enough to be high low, but plenty enough to cover up my backside when I bend over. I love that I can either wear the sleeves buttoned up a few inches or pull them up all the way to my upper arm which is what I like to do. Earlier in the day today I was wearing this as a cardigan, completely unbuttoned so my pink tank was the focal which is a whole other look. You can see my outfit video below.

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