Outfit: Oasap Dress as a Sweatshirt

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You might have seen in my post from yesterday about my week that we had snow, in the middle of april.   So although it isn't nearly that cold now, its still a little too cold to wear the dress that Oasap gave me, the way its supposed to be worn so instead I decided to get a little creative. Its already a short dress, and has that kind of go either way look (my mother thought it was an oversized sweater when I first opened the package) so I decided to wear it as a long sweatshirt. Its perfect for me because I tend to have this problem of my pants slipping down my waist, and when you're wearing something past your butt that's not going to be an issue. This whole outfit is super comfortable and casual perfect for how busy I've been lately. 

I went with the jeans to go with this dress turn sweatshirt because I needed something skinny to keep it from looking too baggy, and this Abercrombie pair is my most comfortable skinny jeans. Originally for the shoes I was going to go for something a little more classic, but I figured the look needed a little bit of an edge, and the black would go well thanks to the big black button on my top. To match the spikes on the back of my shoes I added a silver bracelet since I figured a necklace would make this look too top heavy. 

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dress as sweatshirt

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