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Fashion Collaboration Blogger Hanna

I know we're only in the beginning of spring, but I'm so ready for the summer. An end to all the rain and the wind, and of course most importantly an end to all of my school work. I've been doing so much studying right now, and as the calculus (and physics too!) goes in, I feel like I'm loosing normal brain functions. Because of all this looking forward to summer time, I decided it would be fun to do an outfit collaboration with Amanda from Fashion and Happy Things featuring our summer looks. I have to admit seeing her normal outfit posts motivated me to do a better job on my photos and I'm very happy with how they turned out. 

About my outfit, it is a very simple warm weather look, not something for late July or August but perfect for a June evening. I went for a fairly modest look although I am wearing a tank top, and something that I think is very comfortable. Actually the tank top I'm wearing was made by my mother, and  I only wish that it were easier to put on, I swear it takes me a good five minutes to figure out which side is which and if its inside out. I decided to pair the tank with a simple pair of cuffed short from Abercrombie because they're fuss free. I love how white or kaki colored shorts look, but I have a lot of trouble keeping the grass stains away. Another thing great about these shorts is the longer length. My shoes are just a low profile comfortable pair that I've had for awhile, and since this outfit was a little on the tomboy side, I decided to add on an owl necklace from Fossil. 
Blogger Fashion Collaboration Hanna

OOTD Tank and shorts

Fashion and Happy Things Outfit
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