My Hair in a Bun

blogging with a bun
This morning, my hair looked amazing. I just woke up, and it was nice enough that I decided to use the small barrel curling iron to add a little extra volume. I then flipped my head over and added hair spray which was when my hair went from good looking to unfixable. So I had to put it in a bun, so I guess one day is yoga pants and the next day my hair is in a bun, so much for trying to look good for school. I slept in instead of studying calculus like I should have. When I went to school I just had one lab, and did it pretty quickly. We were all kind of confused on it so we went to the teacher for help, but he was too busy working on setting up the lab. Another girl and I offered to help, that way he'd be able to get it done, but he acted all offended and wouldn't let us. So not too good, on this pre-lab. 

The lab itself was supposed to be some thing about two frictionless carts (on a rail with air to make it sort of frictionless) we'd push one of them into the other one which wasn't moving and then record the speed of the first one, and then their speed together. It was a whole bunch righting down data and doing silly calculations. 

When I came home I took a nap and looked at the CPP file for my programing project. It still needs some work, and I'm hoping I can get the kid who wrote it to do it, because some of his stuff is so hard to follow.  

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