My First Weekend Recap

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 Well, since I'm now doing, or at least trying out school week recaps I decided I could also do weekend recaps. Since I don't have school on Fridays I consider that whole day the start of my weekend so here it goes. I woke up around 10:30 took a shower and then did a little blogging to clear photos from my phone, after lunch I headed to the post office, walking since it was a nice day and got a package that I wasn't home earlier in the week to sign for. It ended up being a dress that I never though was going to come, not a sponsored one but I like it a lot, so you might be seeing it in a later outfit post. Speaking of which after doing a few more posts I went outside to take pictures for my summer outfit look, and if I say so myself, I think they turned out quite fantastically. So that was basically my day. Nothing really going on, which is how I like to spend my Fridays.
chickens and flowers picture
 On Saturday I had to wake up at about seven in the morning to head to my grandparents for an early easter celebration, and since no one told me about it until I was woken up, I was fairly grumpy about going. Coming in I saw that the tree by their house was just starting to bloom pretty pink flowers. After saying hello to everyone I went out and visited the chickens and gave them vegetable scraps, before heading back inside. Everyone sat around and talked for a long time, and I had to hear the security system continually beeping as my cousin's children ran around the whole house, and no one stopped them. After eating a late lunch, we went easter egg hunting. Almost no one got anything because they were instructed to save the eggs for the little ones (the two kids my cousin has) but I didn't care and picked up some anyway. Maybe in the future I'll have a huge rant about them, because everything was annoying.  They ended up with roughly $20 each and I had $6 and another cousin of mine (my age) had $2 Afterwards one of the young cousins opened a late birthday gift which was a flower soil and kid's shovel, actually a nice gift. Then we did this game where you read a story and pass around a wrapped gift. I ended up with some door hanger, but my grandmother was nice and traded with me so I had two pairs of socks and lotion.
pictures of Save A Lot
 Afterwards we went to the only store nearby since the area is very rural, Save-a-Lot. I've never been in a Save-a-Lot but it kind of reminds me of a run down Walmart. I do have to say though that the prices were fantastic, and I kind of liked the self baggage area, especially since it had reused boxes. The whole rest of the way home I slept, and even continued sleeping after we arrived at my house when my parents tried to wake me up. Later I managed to get my Caturday Post up, before watching a show and then going back to sleep.
Hanna Marie Lei
I only have this one picture of me from Sunday because I literally didn't do a thing other than study Calculus. The worst part is that I didn't get that far because I was way too distracted and for whatever reason this section is absolutely terrible. I have a test Thursday, so pray for me! I did well on the first two tests for this class but I'm really worried about this one.

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