My First School Week Recap

my hair is wet
 Monday is the start of my school week, but luckily I don't have my first class until well in the afternoon . I did go in early though to work on my homework, this time I managed to keep the paper with the assignment so I didn't have to wander around looking for someone with it in class since no one would answer my text messages. The first two problems were a breeze but I had to work on the third one for awhile, in the end though I think I ended up with the right answer. Right before class I had this weird feeling that I forgot to turn off my lights, and ran out to my car in the rain to check, and of course the lights were off, when I came back in my Chinese Laundry shoes were super soaked as was my hair, and I had to sit like that until it all dried an hour later. Luckily my day ended up okay though because during my computer programing class, while waiting for the teacher who was 25 minutes late, I found this cool site to play Pokemon Crystal online. I even managed to save it for next time. 
gum picture college book
 I was so sure that I had an anthropology test on Tuesday, that I woke up very early and went in hours early to study. On monday night I spent a whole lot of time after class reading material, and when I came in the morning I read the chapters from the book. Of course it ended up being unnecessary because my test wasn't actually until Thursday. We did watch a video "Generation Like" that was all about social media, and it was kind of funny how all these people were more than happy to advertise for a company with no compensation. After class since I didn't have too much to do I went and took a nap in my car, the first time I've done that in at least two months. Somehow though my hair didn't look bad and this is actually the Oasap Polkadot Shirt that I'm wearing. In calculus class I saw the kid next to me get out a piece of gum for himself so being the shameless person that I am, I made him give me one too. 
computer lab college pictures
 On Wednesday I didn't have a prelab due for one in my physics class but I still had to go to the computer lab to print out the worksheet for during class. While I was there I managed to enroll in a summer class that I was worried about getting into. When I came back from getting my paper at the printer I walked past the computer I had been sitting at and couldn't find my seat. Since the library is small it was kind of embarrassing. After getting my stuff I went to sit in another building and study calculus, I got a whole lot done, and am very happy with that. While I was sitting there a random person (who was also sitting there) asked me to watch their stuff because they had to get a pack of pens, and when they came back about ten minutes later, he gave me one. When my classmates came I asked them about a program for C++ that I was having trouble with, but didn't end up liking how they did it. The lab was very boring about tension and just a bunch of calculations to do. When I came home I worked on my program and realized I had just made a silly mistake. I went for a walk after that and didn't do much with the rest of my night. 
half GPS half human picture
Thursday, my last school day of the week since I don't go Fridays was pretty uneventful. I drove to school and it was very windy. Lately though I've been a lot less nervous about driving and even though that's partially thanks to something else, this GPS I used when it was rainy has become a permeant fixture in my car one again and I love it. I did go in kind of early to study before my anthropology test, and got out early thanks to it being test day. I spent the rest of my time doing my calculus homework, and eating of course. On one of the problems I had to ask for help getting the answer, but I'm pretty sure I ended up with everything right. Class seemed like it went on forever, math classes are always that way, but it was kind of entertaining how happy my professor was to be teaching it. Driving home the wind was even stronger than on the way to school, and it kind of freaked me out feeling the car being pushed by it.

After eating dinner and taking a walk, here I am writing my week's recap. This is kind of a trial period, because as much as I like to talk about my day every day, I think its pretty boring to hear about when its just school, and not anything particularly interesting. 

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