Lots of Rain, But I Still Went to School

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 All of last night it rained, hard. When I woke up this morning, it was still raining, and not that pretty misty kind of stuff. I got dressed and put on my rain boots, finding a coat to wear wasn't that easy since my mother took the one I had wanted I ended up with this huge all weather North Face jacket. Since I was worried about the road my school is on being flooded I took with my that Car GPS I was given, (the one I haven't used nearly enough) so that if it was I could easily find another road to get me there. I almost didn't make it out of my neighborhood though because it was raining so hard I could barely see, and the water looked so high on the street. Luckily the whole way wasn't as bad as it was right by my house and I was able to go about the speed limit. Coming on the street that I was afraid there'd be high water at didn't look bad at all. When I was driving by I noticed on the other side of the street why that'd be. The city had a big truck that was getting the water sitting on the road and storing it… Tax dollars at work, and I'm quite happy about it because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to use the road. 

Because of the bad weather, even though I wasn't there early I was able to park pretty close. By the time I got to the building my first class was in, my coat was dripping, and my backpack was pretty wet. Now that I think about it, it might have been a good idea to put my backpack underneath my coat especially since the coat was so big. I had a little studying time before class started and then sat through more socialism, and found out about the test that I have on Tuesday. I was pretty happy that I went to class though because he gave us three points on the quiz instead of the normal two. 
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Then I went to work on calculus. I'll be having a test coming up in that class, and I'm going to be studying for that along with the anthropology this weekend. I had a nice time reviewing, and then some of my classmates joined me and I helped one of them with their C++ program, before we went to class. I didn't do too much in my calculus class even though I should have. I did get the study guides though so that's good. Coming home I used my GPS again, and it actually makes me feel less nervous about my drive so I think I'll keep using it. Tomorrow I have a lot going on, and I'm hoping I'll finish it all.  

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