Life Photos: Techno Kitten, And the School

what's in college summer
Well first up is a game, I like to play, and one that really should get its own blog post, and probably will in the near future, Techno Kitten Adventure. I'm not sure how many people still play it, but I love it, more so even than the StampedeRun on the iPhone. More on that later.

The other three photos are all from the college that I'm taking a class at this summer. As you can see the campus is pretty, but very empty. Unfortunately the building that I'm in happens to be a very old ugly one, and makes me miss the nice chairs where I go to school that I can sit in. Of course there's a random picture of the kid sitting next to me (the one I went to the movies and dinner with) that I'm not sure exactly how it happened. 

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