Life Photos: Sprouts and Ebay Too Lazy

ebay things with seeds
So I'm back with more photos from my life now that I have a little bit of time to clear out my phone. To start with the large photo is of packaging that I get books in. Either textbooks for class or more likely books that I get to review like Under the Rainbow. I then reuse the packaging for when I sell things on Ebay, and I was going to do a whole blog post about how I maximize what I make from Ebay but it kind of got put behind during finals time. 

Below that are two photos that I randomly took of people in my class and decided to send to someone else in my class, this was the C++ thing where all I did in the end was play around. But really, since it was a 2 hour and forty minute class, what do you expect.

Next is a photo I should have just deleted, but since I'm a media hoarder I added it to this post. It's basically some funny Facebook comments on a bands page saying that they shouldn't have so much vocals on their next album since the singer is bad.

The last two photos are of another blogging project I planned on doing but didn't end up having time for, sprouts. The first time I ever had sprouts was my trip to Hawaii and since then I've ordered them on my food whenever it makes it. I decided to grow them at home, and they turned out pretty well.

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