Life Photos: Pink Pants, All At School

what I wear pink collage
First up is a picture very similar to the one you saw when I was woke up by a wood chopper, because it was the reject photo that I took right before the one that made it into that post, they're actually a very nice pair of pants, in looks, quality and comfort that I got during an Abercrombie and Fitch Haul. I took this photo right in the middle of my math lecture.

Below that is another computer photo that I'm not even sure why I took. I have quite a few that look very similar to this so maybe I need to make a note to myself not to be taking random monitor photos. The next two are just pictures of me with all my calculus things out and trying to study its a lot harder than it looks.

I had to take this picture of a building I go by quite a bit, because I had never noticed it before. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a huge chimney or just a round room, but I especially liked how it looked against the grey day. Last is what I took by accident, and I know you're thinking I should have deleted it, but I did delete two different accident photos.

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