Life Photos: My Tongue and Some Repeats

white person tongue
Well, just like those two photos when I talked about sprouts and ebay this photo is one of those that I took while board in my C++ class. I wasn't really doing anything, at all really so I decided to send this to someone in my class. I have to say I'm quite impressed by how white my teeth look without a filter or any editing. 

Below that is a photo you might have seen before, or one that was at least supposed to make it on the blog since I can't seem to find it anywhere. It's just when I was trying to start doing my classes for the fall semester, something that's a huge pain. 

Then there is snow on the grill, if you remember I talked about snow in april and showed you a picture of my car when I went to see it in the morning. Well the night before I took this photo of the grill in my backyard also covered in snow.

That's a bottle of water from when I donated blood on the bus. They hand out little bottles of water that you're supposed to drink afterwards, and they have cool labels on them, next to the bottle is my winter coat, because even though it wasn't that long ago it was still very cold out.

Then there are bikes going up and down the stairs as a part of their training to be a police officer. Last is a day when I couldn't find my normal rain coat so I had to bring in a huge thick one that was a huge pain.

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