Life Photos: Blog Fees, Check Oil, Wood

oil check picture
The first photo is of a Visa gift card that I got for Christmas. I ended up using it, or $10 of it anyways to pay for the annual blog domain name fee that I don't have to be .blogspot. A lot of bloggers that I know and some that I follow spend a ton of money every year on things for their blog, but really this is my only expense other than the giveaways I do for my readers. 

Below that are two photos from school. The first kind of got cut off but it's how I sit with my feet up. I'm not sure why but it's a whole lot more comfortable than having them down. I would rest them on that table, but it's way too short for that. Then there's the passenger side of my car. I had my very overpriced anthropology book, a gps and a pair of jeans.

Then something else I was going to blog about, but didn't not because of time but because unlike the last time I talked about wood pallets  I don't have a specific project in mind for these yet. I'm thinking either trays or boxes for storage.

A photo of my dad showing me how to check how much oil I have is up next. Cars are way to complicated for me, and even little things like this stress me out, and if I had a choice I'd check it daily. Last is a photo of me walking to the post office something else that could have been part of my ebay selling post if I had ever made it.

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