I wore Yoga Pants to School

 I barely slept last night, so this morning I didn't wake up until right before I had to before I normally leave, which meant that I didn't have time to take a shower, do anything with my hair or wear something nice. Too bad because yesterday I managed to look good, at least that's one day in a row. Maybe tomorrow I guess. Since I was in such a rush I decided to just put on yoga pants from Christmas, and my Polkadot sleeve t-shirt. Putting it on I knew I'd be comfortable today, but I just didn't know how comfortable. I drove to school, and made it in time right before my anthropology. I wasn't a big fan of the class, we talked again about the one percent and my teacher seemed like a super socialist or as his says "equality activist". It wouldn't be so bad but I feel like the class is completely one sided, and it gets old.

After that class I went straight to work on my calculus homework that's due on Thursday. It took me hours to do, would have been even more if I didn't have an answer booklet. When I was done with that I went to the vending machine and got these chocolate chex mix things. Afterwards I headed to the library. I hadn't been there in quite awhile but I needed to do a few things so I went. 

school library computer
The first thing on the list was checking to see if my math homework was in, and it wasn't so then it was on the next list was printing out a pre-lab and the lab for my physics class. I have to keep up on those to make sure I can take summer classes that I want to. Speaking of which I need to finish up making my next semester and summer school class registration. Afterwards I tried to study for my next calculus class but about that time my classmates came around and nothing got done. I think though that I'll have to wear yoga pants more often because my legs were so comfy. 

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