Food Photos: Whitecastle and Tacos

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my favorite food from these photos is the three cheese white castles that I had along with my driving friend. I know that white castle is probably terrible for me but it tastes so good, and I feel like a giant because I can eat three burgers. I still remember that engineering crave case.  When we got our order, they also gave us good coupons like buy three get three free, so I'm going to have to go back. 

Below that is another fast food after school meal that I had, taco bell. When we got it, for whatever reason I wasn't that hungry even though it was way past normal lunch time so I ended up saving this soft taco for later, and it was fantastic.

Next is a fast dinner my mother made, she seems to be working later and later nowadays. But I can't complain because it is bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich, and I can never pass up a real sandwich that has all the stuff on it.

Next is another taco meal, this one made at home but very similar to the taco bell one.  The burrito was okay but the hard taco was very good, I made sure to add some of my taco bell sauce which is probably why it was the same. 

The one of my desserts for the week, a burger king ice-cream. They're very simple and cheap. Last is my memorial day food, that wasn't all that great, but looking back it wasn't that bad. 

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