Food Photos: Shrimp Ramen Noodles

Chinese fortune
The first photo up is ramen noodles in a cup. Normally I really like these things, but lately they haven't been my favorite thing. This shrimp one was worst of all though because it smelled so bad, and the dried shrimp were just weird. 

Next are two different times that I had burger king. I know it looks like they are the same meal, but that's because I tend to order the same thing there. A whopper junior and satisfries. One when I was with my parents and one with my friend. 

Then there is a fortune cookie from my dinner and drive in movie date, some how our fortunes were very specific, and still managed to be relevant. Good job to whoever made them. Since my friend isn't a fan of them I got his and mine. The next photo is after I was done eating at Mark Pi's not because it wasn't good but because there was so much to eat, and I have a small stomach. The last photo is just a dinner I had noodles, and an odd favorite of mine cooked spinach. 

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