Food Photos: Jimmy John's Sub

photos of food eaten
I've never been to Jimmy John's but I did have one of their subs after doing that c++ program by myself  someone in the group felt really bad, or more likely was afraid that I would leave their name off the project and bought me a Jimmy John's sub. It was so good too, much better than the ones I'm used to. 

Below that is me eating a vega sport energy bar and trying to study my math. These bars are so good, wish they had a little more chocolate though, but they have so many calories that I hate to eat them. Next to that is just a chicken noodle soup that my mother likes to make from scratch (her own broth and everything) and its very good.

Of course I had to take a picture of the Chicago's pizza I had while babysitting, and it almost made it as the big picture because it was so good. I think it's my favorite pizza. Another favorite food of mine is the chili my mother makes, and last is a photo I'm not sure was supposed to be there more chocolate chip cookies.

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