Food Photos: Beans Broccoli Rice + Tacobell Sause

blue drink and water
The first food, is one I made myself, sort of. I already had left over rice and beans, so I added cheese and cooked some broccoli to make it a part too. To top it all of I wanted a little liquid and some more flavor so I went with taco bell sauce. It was actually pretty good especially since it's just some weird thing I made. 

Below that is one of those vending machine things I like. A zero calorie energy drink with more sodium then I need. I started going with blue though instead of other colors because of teeth staining.  The only other drink in this photo (drinks are quite rare in my food posts) is a basic mini water that I got when I donated blood on the bus.

Next is my  physics book, which looks almost exactly like my calculus book. On it though is a pop tart in what I believe is cookies and cream flavor, its very good but a little dry. Another sweet food I ate at school came from the vending machine and is those chocolate chip cookies. Last is the fruit snacks I ate . I always want to eat them, but they never taste as good as I expect. 

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