Food Photos: 10 Random Meals lots with Blog Posts

taking pictures of food eaten
I normally only do six photos of food that I eat, but this time I really wanted to clear out my phone so I put all the last ones together. Kind of funny since a few hours later I just took another food photo. First is a culver's ice cream that I had, it was good, but a little thick and there was a whole lot of it, so I made my dad finish it off. Next is thechicken I had while taking sunglasses photos it was good, but I don't like all the breading, the fries though were perfect. Last in the row was corn that I had first of the season, when I went to go visit my cousin.

Next is a meal that I had thanks to my mom's friend. It was fantastic. I love the lettuce underneath the main meal, much better than a salad. The chocolate strawberries were a great bonus. On the line is the sandwich I had at my grandmother's with pie from the farmer's market. In the row last is spaghetti bread salad, and buttered bread.

The last row has buttered bread the same kind as the photo before, and then there is pea soup with little pieces of ham in it. It isn't my favorite but not bad. Then there is the chili dog I had when I went to rally's and watched dr. phil. It was good, but not the onions, and I expected cheese. Last of all is a homemade pizza I had. 

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