Face Photos: Ugly February to Now

girl who takes bad selfies
Since I have a few days off of school, that means time to clear out my old iPhone photos, of which there are quite a few. I have to say like a lot of the random photos I put up, they are of me, and they aren't that great. The top left one as well as the one below it and the one on the bottom row in the middle are all me wearing that polkadot Oasap shirt and I believe I was bored sitting in my computer class.

The next two on that row are from February and I know I've done a dump since then, so I have no idea why they're still on my phone. Looking back at them though I realize I tend to look a whole lot better with curly hair. It just looks like its kind of hanging there when it is straight.

I don't have much to say about the second row middle one, but the next one over I had no idea was even on my phone. I'm pretty sure I accidentally took it while in physics class, absolutely the worst possible angle ever. 

The third row is just some bad pictures. The first two were attempts at me taking pictures of the week that didn't turn out well. Luckily I realized it after I took them, and didn't use either. The next is one of those photos where I'm laying in bed and want to see how I look. 

The last row first photo, I almost made a full blog post about. Basically my looks while I'm trying to study for finals. Of course my hair was in a mess, but my skin also took a major beating. The one on the far end, is what I assume is just a bad angle. 

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