Face Photos: Sunglasses and 2 Curly Hair

curly hair selfies
Well, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person that likes to see these kind of photos, but here's a bunch of selfies of myself, all of which are pretty reclined. None are filtered or edited in any way, so I guess you could say this is what my face really looks like. The first two are from when I stole a pair of sunglasses, okay I didn't really steal them, merely borrowed them for a few minutes to take pictures in. Anyways I got a few people telling me that I looked like Charlie from Top Gun in them, which I'm going to take a a huge complement. The rest except for the last are just from two days at school, one where I wore my hair in big curls and the other where I went with the more natural (for me anyways) little curls. I have to say the big curls look a whole lot better but I'm not sure they're worth the time. The last one is a not that great photo from my drive in movie date where my hair was already starting to loose its curl due to the heat and humidity, plus I didn't do that good of a job when I was fixing it which also was part of the problem.

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