Face Photos: I can look pretty!

nice face pictures
So I just did a blog post over old phone photos of me looking ugly and along with those photos were a few that didn't look too bad. The last two I don't think are that great but they weren't bad enough to go in the bad photos, and needed a home somewhere.

Starting at the top is a photo I took after starting the makeup modification of my face using Covergirl whipped cream foundation. I was trying to just change the angles of  my face, and for a first time use I thing I did a pretty good job. Next is a blow up face photo, and when I took it I noticed I get this weird line on my face. The last one is a plaid shirt, that is actually very cheaply made, but my hair looks good, so it evens out.

And then there are two photos of my laying down. For some reason I like how my face shape looks when I take photos like these. The first is on the couch and the second is on my bed, in that second one I think my eyes look very green must be the lighting. The last one of the row I took in the car, trying to emulate a girl I know and it didn't turn out half bad.

The bottom row first picture is of one of my picture of the week photos, and if I hadn't been so busy with school work I'd have made it a big photo by itself. It isn't all the time that I take a nice photo of myself. The last two are what I was talking about, not bad not good. I was feeling like I looked particularly bad so I tried to take some pretty pictures. 

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