Easter Gifts for Sunday School Children

easter basket for sunday school students
 As you might already know, tomorrow is Easter, or more than likely it is already Easter by the time you're reading this thanks to my late night posting schedule, and I'm going to show you guys what my mother and I gave as Easter gifts to the students in her Sunday school class. For their Easter baskets we put in a little more care then we have in previous years because the majority of the children in my mother's class come from very low ( or no) income families. Although this isn't as big as the Christmas presents we put together I'm pretty happy with the mix of educational, fun and of course a little candy that went into these baskets that are for kids three to six years old. With that said each one cost right at $5 with everything coming either from Walmart or Meijer.

bubble toy for kids
 The first pictured item is the bubble wand with soap. Each basket has one of these and a three pack was $1.  Personally I love the different colored tube (even though the bubbles are still clear) and that the wand has three sizes. I think these will be a hit because its perfect for nice spring weather and there is a part in the neighborhood where the church is, so there are plenty of places to use the bubbles. 
Packaged Marshmallow treat bunny
 As I mentioned earlier, there is candy which some of you might not agree with giving children especially some so young, but its kind of the whole thing about Easter. I mean who's heard of a basket without at least a little candy. As far as marshmallow treats go these are probably my favorite kind, especially after they've been in the freezer for a little while. My guess is though that they'll (each child is only getting one) be eaten almost as soon as they're discovered, which is fine because the baskets are passed out at the end of the class. 
four color sidewalk chalk
 Maybe sidewalk chalk is more of a summer thing than a spring thing due to how quickly rain washes away this stuff, but because there are sidewalks in the neighborhood we decided to go with these instead of the original idea of crayons or markers. I remember using them when I was little and I still enjoy seeing the art that people make with them. 
traditional chocolate bunny
egg with lollipop
The last two pieces of candy. Maybe I should have saved my defensiveness towards the sweets until after I showed all of it? But seriously you have to have a chocolate bunny on Easter, and because the families these children are from, I'm not sure that they'd get one at home either because of budget or that there are other things on the parents minds. And the Easter Egg surprise lollipops were too good to pass up.  Each of the baskets also has two books for writing  You can see the books in the top picture but for some reason I didn't take a picture of them so no close ups.

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