Caturday: Cricket Likes Vegetables

Its been awhile since I've done a Caturday blog post, the last one begin when Cricket wouldn't let go of the string. I know I said then that I'd be trying to do one every other week, but I guess I didn't stay up on that. Its really hard to get a cat to do anything you want them to for a video so I just have to wait around for something to happen. Last night while getting vegetables ready to take to a family easter thing, I noticed that she was very interested in what I was doing so I decided to let her try out a few vegetables. Mostly because of her teeth she wasn't able to actually eat them and then my dog checkers got the vegetables, but Cricket was at least trying to be healthy.
Oh! and here are some pictures of my used cat cricket , that were just hanging around my iPhone. Actually she's my phone background as well. And a funny story. A few nights ago I was laying on my back in bed with the covers on and cricket was laying at the end of my bed. It was about 1 am, and I was half asleep when I saw here run over to me, but it was too late to stop her and she jumped directly on my stomach, I guess because she saw me move. As I was trying to get her off she pounced again that time on my upper chest. 

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