Book Review: Unwrapping Lazarus

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Unwrapping Lazarus
Freeing the Supernatural in Your Life
By Pete Carter

You are invited by God into a life beyond imagining. Do you wish your faith were greater? Do you suspect that bigger things are offered by a bigger God than you have dared to hope for? The destructive thoughts and behaviors that bind you can be unwrapped - just as Lazarus was unwrapped from his bindings at the mouth of his tomb -- freeing you to walk into the supernatural. With warmth and candor, Dr. Pete Carter equips you to discover a new life of freedom. In these pages you will learn how to :

  • Meet Jesus through a liberated imagination and creativity
  • Enter into - and enjoy! - the wildness of Kingdom work
  • Enjoy the Bible as an intimate space where God reveals Himself to you.
  • Experience friendship with the Holy Spirit as the place where miracles happen
You can expect bigger things from God. Live freely, live fully live joyfully in the super natural. 

Pete Carter, M.D. is a ldeader at a vibrant church in the Inited Kingdom North Kent Community Church, and a teacher at its School of Supernatural Ministry. Known to his patients as the "happy doctor", Pete will tell you that his job description is "to bring hope wherever I am"/ He and his wife, Kim enjoy being both parents and grandparents. 

I have to say I really like these kind of understanding the bible books, because I feel like I learn so much and it was just that way with Unwrapping Lazarus. Its easy to read and understand, and has a lot of information but doesn't weigh you down with it. Overall a great read for someone exploring their christianity. If you liked Christian Faith in the Old Testament or Just Jesus you'll for sure want to check out Unwrapping Lazarus.

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