Book Review: The Bridge Tender

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The Bridge Tender
A Sunset Beach Novel
By Marybeth Whalen

A surprise gift from her late husband will give a hong widow the chance to do the hardest thing in the world… move on. On their honeymoon the new Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Shaw made a pact: No matter the sacrifices along the way, on day they would return to Sunset Beach, North Carolina this time to buy their own home. By that dream was not to be. Seven years into a beautiful marriage, Emily is left a widow, heartbroken and way past caring about anything. Until a man approaches her, flaming to have something left to her from Ryan, something secret. Unsure if she can ever embrace a new life without her husband but even less sure about continuing to stay where she is, Emily heads to the coast to keep her end of the promise she once made. Without delay, she becomes immersed in the lives of the locals, including the reclusive bridge tender with an unexpected past. As the community debates over building a new bridge, Emily must decide whether she will build a new bridge of her own, one that will take her out of a painful past and into the new life - and new love - that her lost love made possible.

Marybeth Whalen is the wife of Curt and mom of six children. She is the co-founder of She Reads an online book club focused on spotlighting the best in women's fiction. Marybeth is the author of THe Mailbox and The Guest Book. She spends most of her time in the grocery store but occasionally escapes long enough to scribble some words. She's always working on her next novel. Marybeth and her family live in North Carolina.

When I first started this book, I expected it to be some sort of romance gone bad where the husband was terrible and died and the wife is left picking up the pieces. I was surprised though that The Brdge Tender wasn't like that at all, and it was not only enjoyable to read but inspiring too. If you liked Casting the Net or The Dawn of Christmas I think you'll love this fiction romance book. 

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