"Babysitting" at my House

If you remember I blogged about babysitting the same girl before awhile back. I'm not sure that I should exactly call it babysitting though since the girl is almost ten, more like hanging out and keeping her from doing something dumb. I met them at a store kind of half way between our houses that I had to go to anyway. On the way there she seemed tired, and a little sick, strep throat and ballet will do it to you. When we came in the house I was surprised that checkers was so friendly, and we went on to see the other pets and of course tour the house. After that was done we took Checkers and walked to a school playground that's near my house. I wasn't sure if dogs would be allowed but there were no signs saying not to go with a dog so that's what we did. 

playground at a school
 Well, Checkers ended up causing other problems because there were probably 6 other kids at the playground (even though I with my talent took a picture free of anyone) and they were all interested in seeing the dog. She's pretty shy so I had to pick her up so she wasn't as nervous about everyone surrounding her. While they were petting her two boys who I think were highs schoolers came and tried to flirt with me. They weren't at all successful, especially since the first thing they said was that I "looked like a little kid from far away", after about an hour of swinging and climbing around we decided to leave.
picture with checkers

game playing on xbox
 When we came back to my house we had a while left before the pizza came so we played some of the games on the kinect. I haven't played the kinect in forever but we started with the games that I thought were fun before. They ended up being very active so we switched to Fruit Ninja. In high school I used to play fruit ninja on my phone, but I had never played it on the kinect. It ended up being a ton of fun, and we played it until the pizza arrived. 

With our pizza, the girl picked out a movie that was on television, which was The Little Mermaid. I hadn't seen the movie in forever, and forgot how much I love the Disney Princess movies. Need to find my prince charming I guess. Then we had some ice-cream. About that time her mother called and we drove to her house. Overall "babysitting" this time was pretty easy to do. Since she was a little sick and tired I didn't have to chase her around and we just kind of hung out. 
radio in the dark

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