App Review: Clash of Clans

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 So there's this game that I've been obsessed with for the past few months, clash of clans, although I play it every day I'm not at all addicted to it like I was Farmville , it's the kind of game, you just check for a few minutes or at most two when you're in a battle. The majority of the kids in my program play it too, which is how I found out about it, and it is more popular with males than females, which might be obvious just by looking at the screen shot I took of the loading screen. 
picture of clash of clans fort
 So here's my village on clash of clans. Since taking this screen shot I have improved it a little bit but it's basically got the same look. Originally I had wasn't really into battling and stuff so I only had one camp (where you keep your troops) and focused more on defense. Now I have three the camps and but still only one barracks (where the troops are trained). I could level up my town hall, but I like to wait until I upgrade everything that I have before doing that, and I still have a way to go on the mines and elixir to go.
finding a player in clash of clans
 The battling which I didn't used to like, but is actually the biggest part of the game is right here. You can either battle single player, attacking goblin villages or attacking other players to steal their gold and elixir and also win trophies.  The only problem with multiplayer attacking is that it takes away a shield you get when you loose defense battles and makes you venerable.
battle stats for clans
The big change in the latest update of Clash of Clans was actual clan battles. You can join clans and donate troops to each other, troops that don't count towards your camp maximums. These troop can either defend your village or help you in any attack. During a clan battle your clan is paired with a similar one and then you battle getting one two or three stars based on the damage you do. The winner gets a bonus of cash and elixir.

Overall I really like this game, its easy to play doesn't take very much time. It reminds me a little of runescape although they aren't that similar. I only wish I knew how to turn the push notifications off for clash of clans. I told them no when I started the game and made sure it wasn't checked in my phone settings but somehow I still get them. 

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