A lot of Stress this April

Blogger Marie Lei
I have to say, I'm sorry I haven't been all that on it with my blogging lately. I would love if I could do a post about what I did that day every single day, but as the semester is coming to a close it just isn't possible. This whole month has been nothing but stress for me. Maybe next semester I'll have to lighten my load a little because its all too much. I have a little less than two weeks until finals, and so much to do, just for school. Tomorrow I have a physics test that I NEED to get a good grade on. I'm still waiting to find out what my calculus test results are, and I know its going to be bad, I'm just not sure how bad yet. Then I have a huge computer program to write up before class is over, and finals for every class. I'm so stressed out that I feel like just spacing out and doing nothing, because its all so overwhelming, although that'll only make it worse. 

The worst part is that's just the school stuff I have to do, on my blog I have a book to read and review, and a hair care product that I'm really hoping to do after school tomorrow. As for personal things, although I'm not going to go into any detail, I'm thankful that I've had the month just for myself, because otherwise I wouldn't be getting any time to relax. I have no idea how people with jobs, even part time ones get all of their school work done. Maybe I'm missing something though, maybe there is some trick to studying and time management that I have yet to figure out. 

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