Walmart Beauty + Gardening Haul

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As odd as it might seem I did do a whole blog post about shopping at Walmart, and now I'm doing something that is a little more common, a haul of the things that I bought on my shopping trip. Although I didn't get a fantastic deal on the things that I bought, I'm pretty happy with everything so I decided I could show you. First up are the beauty items I bought and on the top left is Olay Regenerist Cream Cleaner it isn't exactly made for me, but I don't care at all. It works so well that I can't help but continue to use it and I'll probably buy it again when this bottle runs out. I like it so much better than other facial scrubs I've used in the past. Next to it is………….. 

Then on the top right Suave Professional Black Raspberry + White Tea Conditioner . I've been needing a new conditioner and even though this one has a terrible bottle design I do like the product on the inside. On the bottom, in the big package is a duo that was on sale (although only a dollar or so off of the original price) The important part is the John Frieda Foam Color, which is a box dye that works as well as the salon, and the bonus was the John Frieda Sheer Blond Shampoo 

Walmart seeds and such for sale
Now for the odd part of my haul, garden things that I bought. I'm not sure how the Walmart near you is set up but in mine there is a large indoor section of gardening things from hoses to rakes, as well as grills and tractors, this leads to an outdoor to a covered area with patio furniture and pave stones, as well as fountains, then there is the outdoor area with live plants that's completely exposed. Well these bulbs were actually right outside all that outdoor section. These are the real "deal" items of my haul because anywhere else they'd cost a whole lot more. I bought asparagus roots, yellow onions and garlic. 

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