Too Much Studying, Not Closer to My Wants

Hanna Marie Lei

Hanna Marie Lei
I've talked before about what I want, and I'd love to write about how I've been working really hard on those things but the truth is I haven't. Not at all. I've been so busy with school work that I haven't had any time. This whole week, really since school started up in January, I've been doing nothing but that. That would be fine if I was doing something I really liked to do, or even if I just felt like I was learning something but I don't. I feel like I'm just kind of scrapping by no matter how much studying I do. The worst class by far though is my physics one, which is funny because that one's the one that is most related to my engineering major that I don't really want . I do think I want so kind of engineering degree but mechanical is not it. Unfortunately though I'll have to get through this class no matter which one I decide on. The thing is, this whole competitive degree is hurting the other things I want to do. I've been looking at a few other schools to see if that's part of my problem because I'm really starting to hate the one I'm at, and the people who I have to see all the time because its such a small program are getting on my nerves. I have two tests coming up as well as a quiz and I'm not ready at all. If I do bad on one of the tests its not at all a big deal but one of them, it is a major deal. The quiz is something I need to do well on too that I have monday plus a who bunch of homework that I haven't even started on. 

I'm so overwhelmed, I'm surprised that I'm even blogging today, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to again until after Tuesday. I hope that after this week I'll be able to get caught up on everything over spring break and not have to worry nearly so much. Even better I'd like to start working on those goals of mine that I'd really like to happen. 

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