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Hanna Marie Lei
As you might know, I love writing here daily, and thanks to both my laziness as well as my overwhelming amount of school work, but again mostly my laziness (today I had no motivation at all) I didn't get up the post that I wanted to. Luckily though I saw this tag and decided to make a go for it. I was kind of wanting to do the spring tag, in video form but as you can see, I'm looking not so good today, and that's a good angle of my face. So maybe in the near future that'll be up.

1. Do you have any pets?
I do! I have three actually. My dog checkers, a used cat named Cricket and my "sister" Elizabeth. Honestly having three pets is a whole lot of work, and when I'm out on my own I don't think I'll have more than one.

2. Name 3 things physically close you you.
My room is so barren that there are only really four things (other than small products like perfume) that are actually out, and since I'm laying in bed its just bed stuff, and a lamp, and way far away is a mirror. Oh! There is that bear I made at school in my bed with me though. 

3. Whats the weather like right now?
Well, its dark out now, and I haven't been outside since this afternoon so I don't know. Earlier though it was windy and very sunny. Even though its the first day of spring I still had to wear my winter coat to lunch.

4. Do you drive, if so have you crashed?

I do drive, but only to school and back. If I have to go anywhere else I either walk or if its to far to do that I have someone else take me. I wish so badly that my area had public transportation because even though I've never crashed, I'm always afraid its going to happen, or that my car is going to break down on me.

5. What time did you wake up this morning?

I'm ashamed to say it, but sometime between eleven and twelve in the morning. I think this is part of the reason my spring break has become unproductive, but to tell the truth I think its not as much laziness as is it stress. Whenever I'm stressed I just kind of stop.

6. When was the last time you showered?

About two hours ago. I'm an every day kind of shower girl, although I'm working really hard on not washing my hair everyday. Its supposed to be a whole lot better for it, but mine always feels so oily after one day without washing.

7. what was the last movie you saw

I can't even remember. I'm not at all a big movie watcher. I know the last time I was at the movie theater was in May, but I have watched a few movies at home since then, mostly just the lifetime made for television kind, which are surprisingly good.

8. What does your last SMS / text message say.

School related, something about my computer programing class. We have a quiz and a homework assignment due during spring break. Fantastic right?

9. What is your ring-tone?

I don't have one… How old are these questions? I don't know anyone that actually does the whole ring tone thing anymore. 

10. Do you like sushi?
I'm not the biggest fish person in the world, but some sushi I do really like. Some not quite so much though. I'm not very picky though so if you ask me about any food the answer will probably be that I like it.

11. Have you ever taken medication to fall asleep?
Wow. This is actually a really personal question, and the answer is no I haven't. I don't normally have any issues with going to sleep or staying asleep. Since we're already on the subject of pills I don't take pain killers either. I think the only time I've ever taken them was when I had my wisdom teeth taken out.

12. How many Siblings do you have?

Zero. Unless of course you're considering my bird that I mentioned earlier was my sister. I love being an only child but there are a whole lot of negative stereotypes that go with it that aren't as much fun.

13. Do you have a desktop or Laptop?

Both. I use the laptop for things like watching videos and blogging, and random internet surfing. The desktop I only use for school related things. Having both is really great.

14. Do you wear contacts or glasses?

Yes! Have you seen my circle lenses reviews? My absolute two favorites are the Green Apple Bambi Circle Lenses and the Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Circle Lenses. They're actually from the same brand and by far the best looking lenses on my Caucasian style eyes.

15. When was the last time you cried?
I'm not sure, but I can tell you it had something to do with school which is pretty sad. I would be so happy if I could just quite it all together because it stresses me out way too much. Plus I feel like I'm wasting not only a whole bunch of money but a lot of my life on something I absolutely hate. I know that blogging and such wouldn't be able to support me the way I want it to, so I guess I'll just have to become a house wife to get out of it. 

16. Which do you prefer Hamburgers or cheese burgers?
I like both, but since I'm trying really hard to stay away from meat, can I pick a veggie burger instead? I'm hoping  I can be a vegetarian even though its not really supported in my house. 

17. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke?

I don't drink soft drinks, at all, but I think I still could. I can smell the difference anyways because of all the people drinking them around me. 

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